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We are aware that many people are concerned about the effects of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) on our health. The science may be inconclusive at this stage, although guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are to be cautious.

Professor Denis Henshaw is a world renowned expert in human radiation effects. In email to us in May 2012, he advises:

"You should view the video of my recent presentation at Childhood Cancer 2012 and download the slides, go to:"

"You need to scroll to Day 2 pm (Wed 25th April) and find my video & pp presentation. You should ask all of your community to view this."

"By the way, you will see from my slides (slide 3) that there are now 4 major studies showing increased risk of leukaemia near powerlines, in one case up to 600 m away."

"Also, there is powerful additional evidence for adult leukaemia, adult brain cancer, miscarriage and Alzheimer's disease associated with EMFs."

"One point to emphasise is that National Grid are in denial of adverse health effects apart from the rare childhood leukaemia. The fact is that the evidence for some of these other risks is in fact stronger than that for childhood leukaemia and given that they are more prevalent, are of considerably greater public health significance. This was openly discussed at an EU meeting in Brussels last November."

Slides presentation
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