Helping the campaign

Your help really will make the difference to whether or not we save Nailsea Moor from becoming an industrial landscape with pylons nearly 50 metres high alongside the existing 26 metre high ones.

How you can help

  1. Join the campaign by signing up for emails updates and joining our facebook group.
  2. Take all the actions listed on our DO YOURSELF page.
  3. We would be grateful for practical help with any of the following:
    • Delivering leaflets to residents.
    • Help arranging events.
      i.e. public meetings, rallies, walks, demonstrations, etc.
    • Putting up posters and taking them down afterwards.
    Please contact Fiona Erleigh
  4. If you think you can help on a regular basis and would like to get involved with the core team, please CONTACT US

Special help

Since the campaign first started, we’ve been amazed at the skills of people in Nailsea and surrounding areas. Everything we need to win our campaign is here. Could you be a person with special skills that might make a difference? Or perhaps you know a person with special skills that you could ask to volunteer?

  • PR skills?
  • Photography / Video expert?
  • Graphic design skills?
  • Nationwide media?
  • a SILK?
  • Something else?

Let us know by contacing Fiona Erleigh