Who we are

Nailsea Against Pylons is the group formed to combine the anti-pylon efforts around Nailsea. The steering group is made up of members of the anti-pylon campaign groups Save our Valley and Save Nailsea West, together with representatives of Nailsea Town Council and Wraxall Parish Council.

What we want

  1. To have National Grid’s proposed 400kV Hinkley Point C powerline connection laid UNDERGROUND OR SUBSEA
  2. TO MOVE ALL 132kV pylons AWAY from Nailsea homes

What we are doing

  1. Lobbying MPs, DECC, Ofgem, District Councillors.
  2. Investigating high voltage alternatives through local experts.
  3. Raising awareness and refuting inaccuracies through media coverage.
  4. Meeting with planning decision makers.
  5. Presenting our views to National Grid, including at Community Forums.
  6. Collaborating with campaign groups along the entire Hinkley connection route.
  7. Collaborating with campaign groups elsewhere in UK.