Campaign to have National Grid’s proposed 400kV Hinkley Point C powerline connection laid UNDERGROUND OR SUBSEA, and, TO MOVE ALL 132kV pylons AWAY from Nailsea homes.

OPEN FORUM on Saturday 24 November 2012
Nailsea Methodist Church, BS48 2DS

Nailsea Against Pylons invite you to a public meeting to discuss "There is a better way". The meeting will be chaired by Dr Liam Fox, MP for North Somerset and is open to everyone. Invited speakers include National Grid, CPRE and local experts who will discuss alternatives to pylons.


6 November 2012

Some good news, BUT....

The good news for Nailsea in National Grid’s plans is that both existing 132kV powerlines will be removed from our landscape and from alongside people’s homes. One will be taken down completely. The other will be laid underground between Portishead and Nailsea, transitioning to overhead southwest of Nailsea.

HOWEVER, the bad news is that National Grid will still erect the new 400kV line on much higher pylons right through Nailsea Moor. The new powerline will consist of 12-18 cables which will cut a grey swathe through our skies. The new pylons will be 3 times taller than any tree on Nailsea Moor!

Elsewhere the new powerline will be entirely overhead, except for a short section of 5 miles laid underground through The Mendip Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Wouldn’t it be better if there were NO pylons on Nailsea Moor?

6 November 2012

National Grid announces specifics of new route

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